Family Envelope | JANUARY 9, 2018

JANUARY 9, 2018

Published January 09, 2018 21:00

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Dear School Families,

A very special thank you from the office, faculty, staff and me for all of the wonderful Christmas presents we received. The generous spirit of the season truly resides within our community.

  This school year we have witnessed or been effected by so many natural disasters. Floods, fires, drought, failing dams, major storms, and earthquakes just to name a few. Preparation is important in these situations and works best when home and school work together to reinforce best practice. 

We ask that you take this week and weekend to review with your family what you would do at home in case of an emergency or natural disaster. Make sure your kids understand that these situations are extremely rare. Talk to your kids about stop, drop, and roll. Let them know that they need to get away from falling objects and windows then get down under cover or a door way in an earthquake. Show them the old duck and cover position using their arms and hands to protect the back of their neck. Ask them how they would leave the house if there was a fire. Make sure they know about 911 and how to call. Especially for those of us without land lines, would your kids know how to call 911 on your mobile if you were incapacitated? Run a scavenger hunt to find the fire extinguisher, first aid kit, or a flashlight. Quiz your kids until they know your phone number and address by heart. Check the batteries, food, water, and medications in your emergency kits. 

 Next week the students will continue practicing our emergency drills. Teachers will be walking students through what to do in case of an earthquake, fire, or when we would need to Shelter in Place in the event of an industrial accident or environmental spill nearby. 

It is also a good idea to talk among yourselves as adults about what to do or where to go in case of natural disaster, especially those of you crossing bridges every day. If you are crossing bridges does CTK have someone who does not have to cross a bridge listed as an emergency contact authorized to pick up your kids should the worst happen?

These are rare situations and by definition are unpredictable and fluid, but response time and practice are important in mitigating impact. Please take a few moments this week to add an ounce more prevention and planning and have a safe and happy new year. 


Wednesday, January 10: Dismissal - 2:15 p.m.
Auction Meeting - 7:00 p.m. - Media Center

Thursday, January 11: Hot Lunch - Chicken Katsu (Fried) and Rice

Friday, January 12: Diocesan In-Service - No School
Musical Theater ‘Disney’s High School Musical’
Performances 1:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. at Danville Village
Theater, in Danville

Saturday, January 13: Musical Theater ‘Disney’s High School Musical’
Performance 10:00 a.m. at Danville Village Theater, Danville

Sunday, January 14: Musical Theater ‘Disney’s High School Musical’
Performance 2:00 p.m. at Danville Village Theater, Danville

Monday, January 15: School Holiday - Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Wednesday, January 17: 18-19 Applications available online for Grades K-8
Dismissal - 2:15 p.m.
Midpoint 2nd Trimester

Thursday, January 18: Hot Lunch - Pizza and Salad

Friday, January 19: Dress Uniform
Mass 8:00 a.m. - Gr. 4 prepares
Geo Bee - 1:30 p.m.


REQUEST FOR PRAYERS: Prayers are requested for Elizabeth Bucci, the mother-in-law of Mrs. Bucci, who went to heaven last week. Prayers requested for the grandmother of Kira Willet (Gr. 3) who had a stroke last week. Prayers are also requested for those who are fighting cancer, those who are hungry and homeless and those who are unemployed, we pray to the Lord.


APPLICATIONS: Applications for new students will be available online on Wednesday January 17, 2018. All applications for new families and siblings of students currently enrolled are due by Thursday, February 8th. Bring completed applications with all the required paperwork to the school office to sign up for testing and an interview. 

ASSESSMENTS: Incoming sibling Kindergarten students will be assessed Friday, February 9th only. All other kindergarten students applying for admission will be interviewed and assessed February 12th, 13th & 15th. Assessments for students applying for Grades 1-8 will be done when class openings occur.

FEE CHANGES: In order to cover increased costs associated with the 2nd grade Sacramental Program and 8th grade Graduation, we will be increasing these special class fees for next fall’s incoming 2nd and 8th grades. The fee for 2nd graders was last increased in 2014 and will now be $75. The fee for 8th graders was last increased in 2007 and will now be $150.

New Family Commitment Deposit: All new incoming families will be assessed a onetime Commitment Deposit of $500 due at the time of registration. This will be held until August when it will be credited back through their first month’s tuition payment.


Here Ye, Here Ye
This proclamation is intended for all dwellers over the age of 21 within the CTK Kingdom.
Word is to be spread throughout the land that the Crab Feed and Auction Feasts will now offer the sale of Bud Light to guests bearing proof of age worthiness.
Gold hoarded from these feasts provides for the enlightenment of the princes and princesses of The Realm.
Therefore, be it also known that from this point forth any Lords and Ladies found partaking in the fruit of the vine or nectar of grain outside The Great Hall in their carriages or not forfeiting corkage fees will immediately be thrown into the Pit of Despair.
Dilly Dilly
The King of all the Realm

AUCTION 2018 UPDATE: We are keeping the CTK Auction up to date with all of the exciting news and updates… check it out at:

All are welcome at our last Auction Meeting tomorrow, January 10th at 7 PM in the Media Center. Come see how you can help or learn more about the Auction Planning!

Feel free to Contact: with any Auction 2018 questions!

TICKETS:  Tickets are $100 each. THIS IS IT!! Tables are being assigned and seats are filling up. NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY YOUR TICKETS!! There are a few tickets left so visit: If you have any questions about tickets or seating please contact Carla Dias @


VOLUNTEERS: There are many ways to use your time and talents to help come together for the biggest fundraiser for CTK School and Parish. We need YOU! Click here for a Sign Me Up link to see available Volunteer positions. Sign up here  (or ) to help with Auction preparation, set up, take down, or if you are not attending the Auction as a guest, you can earn fundraising hours by working during the auction (bartender, selling raffles, finance, back room). Questions? Email A GREAT way to get all your fundraising hours taken care of!


MUSICAL THEATER WITH PHYLLIS GURNETT - DISNEY’S HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, JR. PERFORMANCE: Some of our students will be performing in the High School Musical this weekend. For more information see the flyer in today’s download

CYO CRAB FEED NEWS: CTK CYO 38th Annual Crab Feed will be held on Saturday, January 27, 2018, from 6:00 to 11 p.m.  Tickets are on sale through the CTK CYO website Crab and Tri-Tip to be served again!  Any questions can be sent to

GIRLS IN ENGINEERING: UC Berkeley offers a summer program for girls entering 6th, 7th & 8th grades who are interested in engineering. It is a week of hands-on engineering activities taught by Berkeley staff and students. Space is limited and applications must be submitted by March 1st. For more information visit 


Christopher Caban

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