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Dear School Families,

Last week was all about new beginnings at Christ the King. New school year, new staff, and the students. The faculty showed a great deal of grit and strength of character preparing for the new year as well as a wonderful spirit of cooperation when working on revisiting school policies and procedures. I know it is early in our journey together but I already sense that this is an outstanding staff and I feel blessed to have these dedicated individuals as colleagues. Please remember our faculty and staff in your daily prayers and thank them for all of the sacrifices they and their families make so they can be Catholic Educators.
We ask the CTK community to join with us in prayers for those affected by the floods in Houston, those who are sick, without work, those who are hungry and homeless and for peace in the world.


9/7: FREE DRESS THURSDAY: This Thursday, September 7th, will be a free dress day in support of the Hurricane Harvey victims.  Students may wear jeans and a red, white, and/or blue top.  We are asking each student to donate at least $1.00.  The money that is collected will be sent to the Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. Thank you for your support.

9/7: FAITH FAMILY PICNIC: The Faith Family Picnic is this Thursday, September 7th for students in Grades K-8. Lunch is being provided by CTK School and is for students only. The menu is hotdogs, chips, water/milk, and fruit. If you do not wish your child/children to receive the hot dog lunch, please provide a bag lunch for the picnic. NO hot lunch ticket is required.

9/11: MONSIGNOR WADE GOLF TOURNAMENT: Please see the flyer for the Msgr. Wade Memorial Golf Tournament (in today’s family download) on Monday, September 11, 2017 at Oakhurst Country Club, Clayton. For more info e-mail

9/12: HURRICANE HARVEY MEETING: As Texas continues to feel the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, CTK Parish is inviting those interested to a meeting on Tuesday, September 12th in Rooms A/B Christ the King at 7:00 p.m., to listen to ideas on how our own parish can help assist the victims of Hurricane Harvey on a long term basis.  Please join us if you can. 

9/13: AUCTION TEAM MEETING: For all of those who have signed up or are interested in joining in the fun; our first meeting will be on Wednesday, September 13th at 7 p.m. in the Media Center. We would love for you to come with ideas!  In particular: 1) Any new fundraising ideas you may have, 2) Any suggestions you might have for the night of  3) A new donation source you think might be great to tap into and 4) a theme idea for the night (we're trying not to get decade specific). We'll vote on the theme at the meeting.  Questions? Email is at -  Thank you!  The Brinkers & Osmonsons

9/19: CTK 9th ANNUAL WALK-A-JOG-A-THON FUNDRAISER: The Walk-a-Jog-a-Thon is only two weeks away! Now it is time for the fundraising to begin! Students will be seeking FLAT RATE tax deductible sponsorships. Please collect money at the same time as the pledge. In today's Family Envelope, you will find an informational flyer and a Pledge and Prize Selection Envelope. Return the completed Pledge and Prize Envelope and money raised to class teachers NO LATER than WAJAT morning, September 19th. Did you know many Bay Area employers have donation matching programs designed to give back to the community and support their employee’s interests? It is a great way to double (even triple or quadruple!) your student’s fundraising efforts and help support our school. Easy and effective with a great impact! Just speak with your company's HR department so they can direct you on their procedure.

The grand prize for the student who collects the most money will be a Garmin Vivofit, which will be awarded at the Medaling Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, September 27.

For additional flyers please see:

10/14 & 10/27: SAVE THE DATES: The Parent Association (PA) will be hosting the following fun events:
• Saturday, October 14th – Father-Daughter Dance
• Friday, October 27th – The Halloween Party and Ice Cream Social


As discussed at Back to School Night last Thursday night, Christ the King School is a team sport – a team that includes parents, teachers, staff, school administration, and the parish.  We all play a vital role in ensuring that the children of CTK continue to thrive and receive the best education and school experience possible – at the same time, keeping the Christ the King spirit alive and well.  But, we are also mindful that the pressures on everyone’s time continues to grow in new ways each year – your family calendars today are likely much more complex than the ones you had growing up.

Over the summer, a small team met to rethink some of the basic models that Christ the King School uses in its interactions between parents and the school and to find an approach that is responsive to today, while at the same time ensuring that Christ the King is getting the support and oversight that it needs – a more sustainable model needed to be built.  We need a model that keeps in mind the unique character of the Christ the King School community while at the same time meeting a desire to continue to provide transparency into our processes.

The team that met this summer put together a proposed model for a repurposed School Board and a repurposed PTG.  In addition, we have created a new group that is responsible for serving a central role in coordinating some of the largest fundraising events of our school and parish.  This model was shared with Father Paulson who provided some key additional insights that were incorporated into the final model.

Below is a brief description of each of these teams. We encourage all parents to read the information below and reach out to these teams to learn more.


The mission of the School Executive Committee (SEC) is to coordinate and support the execution of major fundraising events in a positive and consistent manner. SEC membership consists of the Chairs of key School fundraising committees and others who will serve as consultants regarding important areas such as finance, parish outreach, legal and facilities. The SEC will be chaired by the CTK Development Director. The SEC will be the primary venue for Fundraising Chairs to report on activities. Chairs are welcome to attend the Parent Association (formerly PTG) meetings to recruit new members or advertise initiatives. This committee will provide the opportunity for transparency into the processes for all involved. Our role is to support one another, provide clarity and consistency, increase communication and transparency, and increase a sense of interconnection between events. 


While the SEC is a new committee, the Parent Association (PA) is a refocusing of the old Parent Teacher Group (PTG).  And, in case you are wondering, the elimination of “teacher” from the group’s name is not in any way a change in the importance we place in our school’s teachers, but instead is an acknowledgement that this group has been mainly a parent group in its recent years.

The mission of the PA is to support and build a community among parents, students, faculty, administrators, staff, and alumni of our school. This would include coordinating CTK's internal community programs, such as the New Family Mentor program, the Father Daughter Dance, the Halloween Party, Open Houses, as well as teacher appreciation programs and hospitality for events such as Accreditation and Special Guests day. The PA also funds and organizes Parent administered educational initiates in the school like Garden and Art awareness. The wide variety of areas the PA manages means that there is a need for all types of skill sets that parents can contribute. All ideas are welcome and the input from this group translates directly to shaping the culture of our school community. The PA will also provide a forum for parents to bring forward questions they may have that other parents at CTK can help with or help parents understand where to go to get further information.

The PA will continue the role that the PTG had in supporting the execution of school enrichment programs (like Art and Garden Awareness) and classroom events throughout the year, and will continue to help the School on its hospitality needs related to school wide events.

The PA is open to any parent interested in attending – you are all automatically members simply by being a parent at CTK School.  PA meetings will be held bi-monthly and advertised in the school calendar as well as the Tuesday envelope.

We had our first meeting this on Monday, August 28th and had a great turnout. Our next meeting will be Monday, October 30th.  I look forward to seeing all of you at our meetings throughout the year.


The mission of the School Advisory Council (SAC) will be to advise School and Parish administration on the policy and strategic directions of the School in both the short- and long-term. This new Council will be taking over most of the roles played by the previous School Board.

The hope with the new configuration is that it will provide clarity of the role of the SAC. Unlike School Boards for public school which are responsible for such activities as hiring and firing superintendents, setting teachers salaries, and proposing school bond measures, the school board model for a private, Catholic school is very different.  It is an advisory board for the school and parish leadership about overall directions and policy for the school.  It does not get involved in personnel matters at any level, and it does not have any power over how specific, individual academic programs are taught at CTK but instead they provide a high-level strategic plan/policy for the overall program.

The SAC will be the key council that will help to set the School’s Vision as it looks towards a five-year plan and to making decisions on long-term directions that should be taken to maintain the strength of the school for the next generation of Christ the King students.  At the same time, this group will be the ones that will serve as the advisors to the Principal and Pastor during those uncertain moments that may arise for the School, sort of a Crisis Management group.

The SAC will consist of the Principal and Pastor as well as the President of the Parent Association (PA).  In addition, six members from the school and Parish community will be appointed by the Principal and the Pastor.  

In today’s Family Envelope download, information is provided about how to apply to be part of this new Council, including a copy of the application.  Please take the time to review this information and, if you are interested, submit an application by the deadline to be part of the SAC. Applications are due September 19.

This same information will also be included in the Parish bulletin over the next few weeks in order to solicit interest from our larger parish community.

The SAC will meet as needed, but it will meet at least meet every other month.


PARENT STUDENT HANDBOOK: An updated version of the Parent Student Handbook is available on the school website at The signature page acknowledging that you and your children have read it is included in today’s Family Envelope for Parents and Students to read. The signed form is due Friday, September 8th.

PARKING LOT REMINDER: Parents should not be driving in the driveway next to the office unless they are arriving to pick up a sick child. It is important that everyone obey the Maximum Speed Limit of 5 MPH for the safety of our students and the adults in the parking lot. If you are parked behind someone you must wait for them to exit so that you can pull forward. Don’t backup until foot traffic is cleared. Always move to the forward slot if it is open. Small children are difficult to see walking behind big cars! Please ask your students to walk and not run down from the parking lot, as many of them are falling and running into other students. Students with bicycles must walk them on campus. Thank you for your attention to these parking issues. Please refer to the Parking Lot Guidelines in the Handbook. There are specific procedures on the carpool lane and parking your car in the right direction.

USE OF STUDENT RESTROOMS: This is a reminder that all adults on campus are to use the restrooms in the main lobby of the school or in the church.

CHILDREN WALKING, BIKING OR TAKING PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION HOME FROM SCHOOL: If your child(ren) walks, bikes or takes transportation such as UBER, LIFT, taxi or other public vehicle home from school, please send the Parent Permission Walk/Bike Home from School Form to the School Office. The forms are included in today’s Family Download. Forms are required to be on file for students to leave off campus without adult supervision in order to safeguard your children. We do not recommend anyone walking through the small church lot. Thank you for your assistance in helping us to watch over the safety of our students!


TUITION REMINDER: September tuition is due. Please be attentive to paying the tuition on time. Tuition is due on the first of the month and late on the eighth. Late fees will be assessed. Please remember that tuition payments should be made in the amount noted on your tuition contract.
• 1 child $ 740.00 per month August- May
• 2 children $ 1,350.00 per month August- May
• 3 children $ 1,675.00 per month August- May
• 4 children $ 1,975.00 per month August- May
**Don’t forget if you use Bill Pay through your own personal banking institution, you can set up Christ the King School for your tuition payment. Set up a recurring payment on the first of each month August 1 – May 1. If you have forgotten your tuition payment information and can’t find your contract, you can contact Mrs. Wilson in the office for clarification. Families experiencing financial hardship during the school year are encouraged to contact Mr. Caban or Mrs. Wilson to discuss assistance or a change in payment dates.
SCRIP UPDATE: Important information regarding our new SCRIP program is enclosed in today's envelope. Please be sure to read thru the packet and set up on your online account on the Shop With Scrip site. 


CTK SCHOOL CHOIR: Join the CTK School Choir (Gr. 1-8)! No experience required. See the flyer in today’s Family Envelope and download.

ALTAR SERVERS NEEDED: Altar server sign-up forms (Grades 4-8) are enclosed in this week’s Family Envelope/Download. If you are interested in signing up, please return the form to the school office ASAP. If you have any questions please contact Mary Jo Robinson: 925-285-4337, 925-822-3559 or

• Milk and Ice Cream. The cost of a milk ticket is .75 cents. Ice cream and is sold on Tuesdays only at lunch time. The cost of ice cream is 2 tickets - $1.50.
• This is what last week’s hot lunch looked like:

If you have not ordered hot lunch/milk tickets, order forms are attached in today’s download. Return completed forms and payment to the school office tomorrow via the Family Envelope. Orders will be sent home with your child at the end of the day. Forms will be in the download each week. Plan ahead and purchase tickets ahead of time so you have plenty on hand. Orders are filled and returned to you via Family Envelope.

CUB SCOUTS – PACK 401: This week you'll find a flyer for CTK's own cub scout pack 401.  Cub scouts is for boys K-5th grade and is a wonderful program for helping young men learn life skills.  It's also a blast.  We are having our first meeting on Sunday, September 17TH in the Parish Hall.  All are welcome to learn more and ask questions and have some fun.  We also have a campout booked to Brannon Island later this month. For questions, please email Cub master Dan -

MUSICAL THEATER (AFTER SCHOOL ENRICHMENT CLASS): See flyer in today’s Family Download.


AUCTION TEAM MEETING: Joining in the fun! Our first meeting will be Wednesday, September 13th
at 7:00 p.m. in the Media Center. We would love for you to come with ideas!  Full participation on an Auction Team fulfills 10 fundraising hours and any over can be applied to personal choice hours.

CTK 9th ANNUAL WALK-A-JOG-A-THON: Don't forget we need volunteers to make this amazing event happen. Hours worked on the Walk-a-Jog-a-Thon count toward fundraising hours, plus you can cheer on your kids as you work. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Jen Wilson at
 ****See the flyers/forms in your Family Envelope download for more information about:
• Golf Tournament
• Scrip Information Packet
• School Advisory Committee Application
• Walk/Bike Home from School Form
• Altar Server Sign-Up Form Grades 4-8
• Hot Lunch Ticket Order Form/Milk Ice Cream Order Form
• Drama/Musical Theater Registration Form


Tuesday, September 5: Melos Pizza/Pasta donating 10% of food purchase
to Red Cross for Hurricane Victims

Wednesday, September 6: Dismissal - 2:15 p.m.

Thursday, September 7: Free Dress $1 – donations go to Hurricane Victims
Faith Family Picnic – Hot Dogs, chips, drink, & fruit
provided NO Hot Lunch Ticket needed                            
Friday, September 8:     Mass 8:00 a.m. - Dress Uniform- Gr. 8 Prep
Tuition Late

Monday, September 11:    Monsignor Wade Golf Tournament
Oakhurst Country Club 10:00 a.m.

Tuesday, September 12: Hurricane Harvey Relief Meeting – 7:00 p.m. Rooms A/B
Christ the King Parish

Wednesday, September 13:   Dismissal – 2:15 p.m.
Auction Team Meeting – 7:00 p.m. Media Center


Christopher Caban

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