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2015-2016 School Board

Pastor Fr. Paulson Mundanmani
Principal Christopher Caban
Chairperson Dave Sanderson
Co-Chair Todd Jung
Secretary Kasey Curran
Finance  Bill Johansen

David Anderson
Joey Daryanani

Member Connor Day
Member Janine Gamble
Member Teri Hurlbut
Member Armida Marshall
Member Andy Kraus
Member Bob Lewis

Cristina Margate
Debbie Wilson

PTG President

Pam Johansen


The School Board’s mission is to bring its wisdom, talent, experience, faith life, and good will into the process of providing quality education for all children served by the school.  The Board provides support and leadership to carry out the Church’s commitment to Christian education.  The Board acts in an advisory capacity to the Pastor and Principal and is composed of interested parents, alumni, community leaders, area educators or pastors and parishioners. 

 School Board General Information

  • The Board consists of a minimum of nine (9), but not more than twenty-one (21) members
  • Board members are approved by the Principal and appointed by the Pastor.
  • The term of each Board member is 3 years
  • The Board meets monthly during the school year (with the exception of December when no meeting is held)

Board Chairperson Position Summary:

  • Prepare agenda for monthly board meetings (in advance of the meeting send to office to distribute via family envelopes or email to board members)
  • Email upcoming agenda and previous month’s approved meeting minutes to school Network Administrator for web posting.
  • Preside at all regular and any special Board meetings
  • Attend monthly PTG meetings (or appoint a substitute each month).  Although this isn’t a requirement, it’s helpful in meeting the goals of both the School Board and the PTG.
  • Attend and possibly speak at school related meetings, as requested by the Principal (i.e. new parent orientation/information nights, etc.)
  • Work with Principal and finance committee to review annual budget
  • Attend off-site workshops held by other Catholic schools or sponsored by the diocese
  • Plan end of year dinner for Board/PTG members
  • Assist in recruitment of new board members
  • Meet with principal on an as-needed basis to discuss issues/items
Time Commitment
  • PTG meetings – 3 to 3.5 hours per monthAgenda preparation and follow-up – up to 2 hours per month
  • Additional meetings – approximately 2 hours per month
  • Total – approximately 7 hours a month.

Board Vice-Chairperson Position Summary:

  • Perform all duties of the Chairperson in their absence
  • Shall be a member of the Executive Committee
  • Shall be the Chairperson of the Membership Committee

Board Secretary Position Summary:

  • Shall be responsible for keeping accurate minutes; for keeping record of the appointment of all committees of the Boards; and for all correspondence
  • Shall also be responsible for keeping a permanent record of terms, attendance and committee assignments and all reports and documents related to Board activities.

Position Summary of Other Board Members:

  • Attend monthly Board meetings
  • Participate on and with subcommittees formed by the Board
  • Act as active voting members of the Board

Standing Committees:

Executive Committee
Mission Enhancement Committee
Policy and Planning Committee
Buildings and Grounds Committee
Finance Committee
Membership Committee
Development Committee

Executive Committee 


  • To provide overall Board leadership and coordination of Board functions and responsibilities;
  • To act as liaison with the school administration and Board. 


  • To form the Board meeting agenda;
  • To monitor the Board calendar;
  • To make decisions;
  • To support the Principal;
  • To be leaders of the Board;
  • To provide for Board member orientation and training with the Membership Committee;
  • To provide for annual Board evaluation (self evaluation and Principal);
  • To ensure that all standing and ad hoc committees have written committee charges.

Development Committee

  • To assist the Board in carrying out its planning and policy responsibilities with regard to public relations, communications and development/institutional advancement;
  • To assist the administration in the implementation of development/institutional advancement programs and efforts.


  • To serve in a leadership role with the administration and the Board in the implementation of a comprehensive communications program;
  • To advise and assist the administration in the design and preparation of all public relations materials;
  • To advise and assist the administration in the design and preparation of a comprehensive
  • development/institutional advancement plan;
  • To assist the administration and the Board in the implementation of alumni and alumni parent events and activities;
  • To participate in, and provide leadership for and the implementation of, annual and planned giving campaigns;
  • To participate in the identification and solicitation of major donor prospects;
  • To report periodically to the Board on development/institutional advancement activities;
  • To recommend to the Board (and its Policy and Planning Committee) policies in the area of development/institutional advancement;
  • To support the school’s Development Director (if applicable).

Finance Committee


  • To monitor the current year budget and to develop and propose to the Board a budget for the next fiscal year;
  • To prepare, update and monitor long-range financial plans for the school;
  • To oversee, from a policy and planning perspective, business operations of the school.


  • To monitor and report to the Board on the status of the current fiscal year budget (monthly, quarterly and annual report) (actual versus projected);
  • To formulate with the principal a proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year.  This budget is based on recommendations from all Board committees;
  • To recommend to the Board (and it’s Policy and Planning Committee) a  financial policy that ensures sound and consistent financial management, fair tuition increases and payment plans;
  • To oversee the school’s endowment, including policies for endowment growth, management and distribution of proceeds;
  • To formulate with the school administration (and the Policy and Planning Committee) policy concerning the business affairs and activities of the school, including such areas of concern as:
Lunch Program
Transportation:  Field Trips
Outside contractors
Purchasing & Leasing
  • To work with the school administration and bookkeeper to ensure publication of a comprehensive annual report.

Membership Committee


To create a process for recruiting new Board members and to design and implement a process for the selection of Board officers;
To ensure the strength of the Board and the implementation of its responsibilities by providing appropriate orientations, in-service training and evaluations.


  • To determine annually the membership needs of the Board;
  • To actively recruit potential nominees;
  • To work with the school administration and Board leadership in preparing and conducting informational meetings for Board nominees;
  • To work with the school administration and Board leadership in conducting pre-service orientation training;
  • To work with the school administration and Board leadership in carrying out periodic in-service training for Board members;
  • To present to the Board at its annual meeting a list of candidates for Board membership;
  • To present to the Board at its annual meeting a list of candidates for Board officers;
  • To assist the Executive Committee with the annual Board self-evaluation.

Mission Enhancement Committee


  • To formulate and propose to the Board, policies and plans which will ensure that the school maintains and enhances its identity as catholic and carries out its mission;
  • To work with the administration and through the administration, with the staff and faculty on programs designed to publicly enhance the Catholic character and identity of the school.


  • To assist in formulating policies which will enhance the Catholic identity of the school;
  • To participate in strategic planning in a way which will ensure the Catholic identity of the school;
  • To participate with the school administration in publicly proclaiming and enhancing the Catholic identity and mission of the school.

Policy and Planning Committee


  • To assist the administration in the formulation of a long-range strategic plan;
  • To monitor the strategic plan and review objectives for possible policy;
  • To assist the administration in the formulation of policy to guide academic, student, business, development and faith community affairs.


  • To assist the Board and school administration in establishing long-range strategic goals, based on an appropriate assessment and analysis in light of the program’s mission statement and annual assumptions;
  • To monitor the progress of the strategic plan (goals and objectives) (ongoing);
  • To report to the Board (formally, in writing) the progress of yearly objectives (quarterly);
  • To develop annual assumptions concerning the internal and external environments surrounding the educational ministries (January);
  • To receive from other committees recommendations for next year’s planning objectives (February);
  • To make recommendations to the Board on all planning objectives for the next year;To draft with the Executive Committee and the school administration an annual report that reviews and summarizes the successes, concerns and hopes for the educational ministries (May, June). 


  • To review with the principal the annual planning objectives for possible policy implications;
  • To research and draft policy language to submit to the Board;
  • To conduct consultation on proposed policy, as appropriate;
  • To call for the evaluation of newly promulgated policy (usually 6-9 months later);
  • To review annually with the principal all policies for timelines and appropriateness to the school program (fall).