School Board Information

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The mission of the School Advisory Council (SAC) will be to advise School and Parish administration on the policy and strategic directions of the School in both the short- and long-term. This new Council will be taking over most of the roles played by the previous School Board.

The hope with the new configuration is that it will provide clarity of the role of the SAC. Unlike School Boards for public school which are responsible for such activities as hiring and firing superintendents, setting teachers salaries, and proposing school bond measures, the school board model for a private, Catholic school is very different. It is an advisory board for the school and parish leadership about overall directions and policy for the school. It does not get involved in personnel matters at any level, and it does not have any power over how specific, individual academic programs are taught at CTK but instead they provide a high-level strategic plan/policy for the overall program.

The SAC will be the key council that will help to set the School’s Vision as it looks towards a five-year plan and to making decisions on long-term directions that should be taken to maintain the strength of the school for the next generation of Christ the King students. At the same time, this group will be the ones that will serve as the advisors to the Principal and Pastor during those uncertain moments that may arise for the School, sort of a Crisis Management group.

The SAC will consist of the Principal and Pastor as well as the President of the Parent Association (PA). In addition, six members from the school and Parish community will be appointed by the Principal and the Pastor.

More information about the new School Advisory Council (SAC) will be released soon."