Core Curriculum

Christ the King Catholic School provides a comprehensive learning experience through a challenging K-8 curriculum aligned with Common Core Standards. Our core curriculum focuses on English/Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science and Religion. All curriculum policies and procedures are established by the Department of Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Oakland.

Religious Education / Worship

Religious instruction is an integral and continuing element of the educational experiences of students in all grades.  The Religion program includes the study of Scripture, participation in the Liturgy with emphasis on the Mass and Sacraments, and the importance of a personal prayer life.  Preparation for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist are part of our second grade curriculum.

The students participate in and help plan liturgies, prayer services, and celebrations to increase their active participation in their faith life development.  These are done both within the school community and in partnership with the larger parish community. Students are part of Faith Families: groups of nine made up of one student from each grade.

Conflict resolution and problem solving are also a part of the program designed to help children develop the skills to deal with others with respect and responsibility.

Language Arts

The goal of the Language Arts program is to develop effective communicators.  This means that all instruction will be with the intent to empower literate, fluent, and life-long speakers, readers, and writers.

Students in grades K-3 are split into smaller reading groups for one hour a day. An accelerated reading program is in place for grades 4 and 5. The middle school Language Arts program focuses on helping students develop the more advanced literary analysis and writing skills they need to be successful in high school and beyond. Fundamentals of grammar, spelling, and vocabulary development are taught at all levels.


The Mathematics program is designed to provide a meaningful understanding of facts and the application of processes.  It includes Problem Solving, Estimation and Mental Arithmetic, Numbers and Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, Relations and Functions, Probability and Statistics, and Logical Thinking.  The program incorporates active learning centers and application to other areas of the curriculum. An accelerated Algebra 1 curriculum for qualified 8th graders is taught each morning at 7:00 a.m.


The Science program is designed to develop in students the skills necessary for observing, communicating, comparing, measuring, organizing, relating, inferring, and applying.  The emphasis is on hands-on learning which incorporates lab experiences and creative challenges. It encompasses life, physical, earth, and environmental sciences. The school partners with the New Leaf Collaborative, which provides additional experiential learning opportunities in the classroom. A Science Fair is held during the academic year for grades 6, 7 & 8. A Garden Awareness program is also a part of the curriculum.

Social Studies

The Social Studies Program emphasizes the value of the diversity of our heritages.  It is designed to promote knowledgeable and responsible citizenship. The Social Studies program includes the study of: People and Communities, California, the United States, Cultures of the World (ancient and modern), and the United States Constitution and Government. Students in grades 4 through 8 have the opportunity to participate in the National Geographic Bee each year.

Service Learning

At Christ the King Catholic School, we expect our students to grow into active persons of faith who serve those in need, as well as dependable citizens who care for all of God’s creations. We incorporate service learning into the school experience because we believe it is essential to instill in our students a responsibility to follow in the footsteps of Christ by serving the world beyond our doors.


Faith Families are an integral part of the Christ the King experience. Each student belongs to a ‘family’ with members from multiple grades. Eighth grade “parents” coordinate and lead activities, outreach projects, and school liturgies to encourage student spirituality and sense of community. Through this experience, the older students give back to the school community by acting as leaders and positive role models.


Throughout the year, individual classes will participate in projects designed to serve the wider community.  In addition to Faith Family outreach projects, the students of Christ the King support the work of our parish and community organizations. This includes collecting food for the St. Vincent de Paul ministry, giving Christmas gifts to St. Boniface parish in San Francisco, participating in the Operation Rice Bowl program during Lent, volunteering to help with the Winter Nights homeless outreach, and serving at the Loaves & Fishes dining room in Martinez.

Individual classes and groups often take on special projects such as collecting toiletries for those in need and collecting towels and supplies for animal rescue programs. They have also made cards for veterans, collected clothing and supplies for disaster victims, and raised money for cancer research.


Enrichment courses in Spanish, music, art, technology, physical education, and garden awareness broaden our students’ educational experience.


The Spanish program for grades K-8 is designed to develop conversational, written, and verbal skills, as well as awareness and appreciation for Spanish speaking cultures.

Art Awareness

The Art Awareness program is sponsored by parent volunteers and offered to all students in grades K-8.  The objective of this program is to develop and encourage creative expression. Students explore different media and introduce appreciation for different artists and art forms.  Art is also integrated across the curriculum by all classroom teachers.


Christ the King Catholic School offers a fully networked learning environment, along with access to extensive technological resources. Grades 6-8 participate in a 1:1 device program in which they have access to an individual Chromebook for academic use throughout the day. All students have regular access to shared Chromebooks, iPads, and other devices to support learning. The state-of-the-art Media Center provides additional tools, including 3D printers and robotics equipment. Students are also encouraged to use the school’s online collaborative and instructional resources.  Christ the King Catholic School uses the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) standards for technology skills to measure student success.

Garden Awareness

As part of the Science program, each class participates in hands-on learning experiences in the school’s outdoor nature classroom. The beautiful Garden of Blessing and Prayer Gardens also provide a peaceful meditation space, a fruit and vegetable garden (along with chickens), and Stations of the Cross.


Music classes combine music instruction with the learning of age appropriate songs. Music for liturgy is an important aspect of the program.  All students sing in the annual Christmas musical program. Students in grades 1-8 may choose to join the school choir, which leads the congregation in song at weekly school Masses.

Physical Education

The Physical Education Program provides the students with the opportunity to acquire and develop physical skills, confidence, teamwork, and physical and mental well-being.  Motor development, eye-hand coordination, and physical fitness are emphasized as well as seasonal sports.

New Leaf Collaborative

In partnership with classroom teachers, New Leaf Collaborative provides hands-on, experiential learning opportunities for students. This programming is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and supplements Science instruction in grades K-8.