Thank you very much for your interest in Christ the King Catholic School. This vibrant community has been educating young people since the doors of the school first opened in 1961. Since then, our dedicated teachers and staff (lay and religious) have worked tirelessly to inspire our students to grow in faith, knowledge, and service. Our students, in turn, continue to embrace this challenge and develop into mature, successful young people who represent the values of Christ the King in the broader community.

Here at CTK, students have the opportunity to grow not just as scholars, but also as children of God who have the ability to change the world for the better. Through challenging academic courses, service learning opportunities, and exciting extracurricular activities, students at Christ the King practice the skills necessary to become lifelong learners, effective communicators, active persons of faith, and dependable citizens.

Our theme this school year rests upon the theological virtue of hope. This theological virtue will light our way this school year as we rely on Psalm 119:105, β€œThy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” My hope is that our school will shed a light unto your path and lead you to join the wonderful community we have here at Christ the King.

Many Blessings,

Joe Silveira