School Fund Assessment Information

Each school family is required to contribute $250 School Fund Assessment (SFA). The timeline for this year is April 26, 2019 to April 30, 2020.  All contributions are due no later than April 30, 2020. Summaries of all payments sent to Christ the King and eChecks must include the family name.

Below is an overview of ways to meet this requirement. Please see the full text of the School Fund Assessment Letter for more detailed information.

  • Shop with Scrip

    • Sign up with ShopWithScrip - See this flyer for instructions.

    • Sign up with Scripsense - This is an online shopping hub and eGift card purchase platform. If you would like to register, please email for registration information.

    • Register your credit cards online with eScrip. Stores and credit card companies give a donation to the school through scrip when you use your registered credit card for purchases at participating retailers.  Sign up at Please note that eScrip is on a calendar year.  Example: purchases made in November 2019 will count for the current year (4/26/19-4/30/20) but purchases made in Jan 2020 will count for next year (which starts on 5/1/20).

  • Participate in your employer Corporate Donations and Matching Fund Programs. Please provide any paperwork showing your pledged amount. ALL FAMILIES participating in Employer-based Donation and/or Corporate Matching programs are required to submit documentation to CTK Scrip. Please see the full text of the School Fund Assessment Letter for more details.

  • Participate in other donation sites such as Amazon Smile.

  • Pay $250 in cash. You can always elect to pay the full $250 and not participate in any of the above areas.

QUESTIONS? Please email CTKScrip at