October Was Awesome!

October was a month filled with fun! With learned about color in our first Art Awareness class. Mr. Orlina taught us about many different garden tools and we planted seeds with Ms. Noland in Garden Awareness! Parading around for our parents on Halloween was the highlight of the month! We are looking forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus in just a few weeks!

Art Awareness

Art Awareness

Garden Awareness

Garden Awareness


Fall Fun in Kindergarten


The students had a great time at their first walk-a-jog-a-thon!! They surprised me with how many laps they ran and how fast they were!! They helped to raise money for the 7th graders trip to Camp Caritas and our Garden Awareness program!!!


In math we have been working on writing numbers 0-5, representing a number of objects with a written numeral, and understanding the relationship between numbers and quantities.


Mrs. Maffeo’s reading group had a special treat when Mr. Silvera came to class and read a story! The students loved it!!

We’ve also been celebrating many birthdays with parents and siblings coming to class to read to us. Our mystery readers have been a big hit each week too! The students love trying to guess who is outside the door waiting to come in and read to them!

Kindergarten is off to a great start!

The Kindergarten class is off to a great start! We spent the first couple of weeks meeting new friends, learning all about our classroom procedures, and having lots of fun playing together. We have experienced our first P.E. classes with Coach Doc, music class with Mr. G.L., Spanish class with Señora Reyes, and computer lab with Mr. Witte. The highlight of our days has been science lab with our New Leaf teachers! The students got to explore several different types of tools which they will be using throughout the year during their hands-on science experience! 


We also met our 4th grade buddies and other Faith Family members. We look forward to spending time with them at mass each Friday and doing fun activities throughout the year!

We are excited to begin reading groups the week of 9/10 and look forward to spending part of our day in a smaller group setting as we learn how to read and spell!

Finally, we are anxious to participate in the Walk-a-jog-a-thon on 9/25! It will be a lot of fun walking and running around the school to raise money for Camp Caritas and other outdoor education activities!

It's going to be a great year!