Caritas Creek

“In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks.” - John Muir

“In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks.” - John Muir

Camp Caritas is right around the corner!!! We are a few weeks away from our 7th grade adventure to Occidental, California. Our awesome site director, Emily, recently visited our classroom. Our classroom was alive with Caritas spirit and cheer! We spent the afternoon playing activities and enjoying our first serendipity as a 7th grade class. 7th Grade also learned the meaning behind “Caritas Creek”. Caritas Creek stands for “God’s love freely flowing”. Our class is excited for our time at Caritas as we will create new bonds, explore the outdoors, and appreciate God’s unconditional love and presence in all that we do.

Welcome Back 7th Grade!


The new school year is off to a great start! As a class, we will continue the Mission of Christ the King School to grow in Faith, Knowledge and Service.


The new school year also brings new opportunities and  learning experiences! 7th Grade will be attending Camp Caritas from October 22nd-October 26th. Students will participate in a variety of activities that foster personal, social and spiritual character development.

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Social Studies Highlights:

Students in grade seven study the social, cultural, and technological changes that occurred in Europe, Africa, and Asia in the years A.D. 500-1789. Currently, we are focusing on the Expansion and Fall of Rome and we are kicking off the new school year with our first Hands on History! In this activity, students will explore personalities of ancient Romans while performing and solving a reader’s theater murder mystery. Students will also experience revisionist history as they search for truth in two distinctly different versions of events offered by characters in the play.



Curriculum Overview:

-Curriculum will include projects, tests, quizzes, homework and current event discussions.

-Students will learn social studies content in conjunction with reading, writing and research skills.

-Students will work on general organizational and study skills.

Google Classroom:

Students in grades 6-8 use Google Classroom for many of their courses. Homework will generally be posted daily on homeroom Google Classroom pages; however, students are responsible for keeping track of assignments and ensuring work is turned in on time.