Gobble! Gobble!


Congratulations to all students who have learned their multiplication facts from 0-9 times! You have worked very hard to master this math skill. Keep up the good work as we continue with more multiplication strategies and division facts. Way to go!

At this Thanksgiving season, I would like to thank all Third Grade children and parents for having such a wonderful school year! It is a blessing to be together each day. You are learning a lot about our subjects and growing in so many ways as a class- “for the good of all.” It’s a fun and happy time!

Busy Busy!


We are busy, busy! Schoolwide activities and class lessons are keeping us on a roll. Guessing “Where in the World?” has us aware of countries we may never have known -perhaps a trip to see for ourselves in the future!


A much needed and appreciated gift will arrive soon for our class. The Walnut Creek Elks club will donate and present a dictionary to each student for use at home and school. How do you spell THANKS?



Congratulations to our class who are now into such a wonderful routine. Backpacks are hung, pencils are sharpened, and homework is on the desks. After recess, the class is prepared for Math with all math materials ready to go. They even have their red pencils available to begin checking homework. We've also had time to have fun with the "human number line" to practice rounding. Woo Hoo!

Thank you students and parents for a great start to the new school year! There has been an energy of happiness and learning new things. Can you say Chloroplasts?