Adventures in 8th Grade!

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September was a busy month for 8th grade! We went on our first field trip to the Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland to celebrate Mass with Bishop Barber and other Catholic schools from around the Diocese. In addition to Mass, students learned about the significance of the bishop’s different vestments and discovered the meanings of architectural features in the beautiful cathedral.

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The 8th graders have also been working hard this month to improve their writing and discussion skills. Recently, students met in small groups to talk about issues surrounding immigration in America, relating present debates to historical precedent. By working together, students were able to reach a deeper understanding of the complexities of this topic.

Students also had the opportunity to prepare PowerPoint presentations about Pope Francis and share these with their Faith Families. This was an excellent learning experience for the 8th graders and the students in their groups. Take a minute to look through one of the presentations, here.

Looking ahead to October, the 8th grade will continue to expand and develop their academic skills, as well as take some time for prayer and reflection on our fall retreat. We will finish out the month with a fun celebration of Halloween!