Off to a Good Start!



We are off to a strong start getting used to our routines.  We began reading My Side of the Mountain.  We will spend the next couple of weeks reading, annotating, and writing using Sam, the main character, as our guide.  It will be through our writing that we will apply our grammar, vocabulary, and spelling.  

Students are working towards growing their bank accounts.  Their deposits of Krutilla Kash through daily attendance, jobs, and homework is helping them build up their savings.  They will have a considerable sum to invest next trimester.

The students are very excited about Genius Hour.  They have submitted proposals; all were approved.  We will be working on our research for the next three weeks, and on September 28th, they will be sharing what they have learned through class presentations.

September is always a fun month getting to know each of the students and watching the interactions and learning that starts to unfold.