Acceptance Process

Parents/guardians will be formally notified by letter indicating whether the applicant is or is not accepted for open class spots. If accepted, the applicant will sign a contract and complete necessary paperwork. By accepting a position at Christ the King Catholic School, the applicant agrees to do the following:

1. Abide by the rules of Christ the King Catholic School as stated in the School Handbook.

2. Pay tuition promptly by the date(s) indicated on the tuition contract:

  • 1 payment August 1st

  • 2 payments August 1st and January 1st

  • 10 payments August 1st through May 1st (due on the first of the month)

3. Perform 31 hours of family service by May 31st:

  • Fundraising: 10 hours

  • Festival: 6 hours

  • Personal Choice: 15 hours

4. Contribute $250 to the Christ the King Catholic School Fund by April 30th through one or more of the following:

  • Cash contribution

  • Scrip, Scrip Sense, e-scrip, or Preferred Customer program participation

  • United Way or Matching Grant programs

See the School Fund Assessment page for more information.

5. Support school fundraising projects scheduled throughout the year to the best of their ability. See the Fundraising Events page for more information. The funds received in addition to tuition are crucial if we are to continue to keep tuition rates well below actual per pupil costs.