Priority for Admission

Once it has been established, through interview and testing, that a child meets the academic and social requirements necessary for entrance into a particular grade, the following priorities are used in accepting students:

  1. Students enrolled in the previous year

  2. Siblings of students currently enrolled in our school

  3. Children baptized in the Catholic faith

  4. Children of alumni

  5. Children whose parents are active CTK parishioners. An active parishioner:

    • Is a registered member of Christ the King Parish and is actively participating in one or more ministries and/or groups within the parish

    • Uses the Sunday offertory envelope or online giving on a regular basis. Regular use is defined as use of Christ the King Parish Offertory Envelopes at least six (6) times during the period between July 1, and December 30, and at least six (6) times during the period between January 1 and June 30 or the equivalent through online giving. The rationale for this policy is that it demonstrates the willingness of families to participate in and be supportive, according to their means, of the faith community in which their children are being educated.

  6. Transfers from another Catholic school

  7. Catholic families inside or outside the Christ the King Parish

  8. Non-Catholic families