Welcome to First Grade!

Welcome to First Grade! It has been a pleasure getting to know this fantastic group of children! One word that comes to mind when thinking of how to describe our class is kind! It seems that every time I turn around, I see students playing, laughing and sharing with each other!

We’ve been working on taking turns, following directions and working together! I am proud to say that we have seen so much progress each day! Keep up the good work, First Graders!

In class, students have been busy reviewing and practicing addition concepts, using details in their writing, and reading stories about being good friends to one another.

Our first science lab was a huge success. Students learned all about measurement. They learned the difference between units of measurement, how to use a spring balance to measure weight and used pipettes to carefully measure liquid! It is always inspiring to see so much hands on learning and discovery! 

So far, it has been an exciting start to what promises to be a great year!

First Grade Information: 

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